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A graduate of an accredited BSC (hons) degree level course at an accredited institution of ‘Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy’ can work professionally under many different terms. These include ‘Sports Rehabilitator’, ‘Athletic Rehabilitation Therapist’, ‘Athletic Therapist’ or ‘Sports Therapist’ to name a few.

The Sports Rehabilitation profession specialises in MSK (Musculoskeletal) injuries through assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in both general and athletic populations. It focuses on prescribing individual rehabilitation programmes to aid injury treatment and allow clients to achieve their goals and excel in recovering from injury. As well as this, pre-participation screening and injury prevention are included.

During their four years of study, Athletic Rehabilitation Therapists learn and practice fundamental skills and knowledge including and not limited to; Neuromuscular Skeletal Assessment (NMSA), Anatomy, Bio-mechanics, Pathology of Injury, Strength and Conditioning, Massage therapy and Manual Therapy.

But don’t get us confused….an Athletic Rehabilitation Therapist is different to a Physiotherapist! A Physiotherapist has a wider spectrum of training and primarily focuses on hospital work and post-operative care, including pediatrics, neurological conditions and cardio-respiratory disease. An Athletic Rehabilitation Therapist utilises a more hands-on approach to non-threatening injury treatment, along with prescribing a progressive, individual rehabilitation programme.

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