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SDL Rehab is a Sports rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy Clinic, based in Wexford, Ireland.

Shannon Di-Luca
Lead Physical Therapist

About SDL Rehab

Shannon Di-Luca is a Sports rehabilitation and Athletic Therapist, based in Wexford, Ireland. She graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy in 2019 and is the sole therapist of SDL injury treatment and rehabilitation. 

Her passion is helping clients to achieve their goals in recovering from injury; allowing them to excel physically in sporting activities and everyday life. She uses a hands-on approach to injury treatment, as well as providing customised progressive rehabilitation programmes for the individual. In addition to this she is qualified to advise in Health-Food Supplements that may aid recovery and general well-being.

Shannon Di-Luca
Lead Physical Therapist


Although their main focus at SDL Rehab is sports injuries, Athletic Therapists also treat occupational and everyday injuries. They utilise a hands-on approach to any injury assessment and treatment, followed by relevant individual rehabilitation techniques.

This is the first step to the treatment and rehabilitation of an injury. It is initiated by a conversation about the injury mechanism, symptoms and patient history. And is then followed by a physical examination of the injured area, which includes basic movements as well as specific tests performed by the therapist. This is key to providing the best treatment plan to get maximal results for the client.

This treatment option is used for chronic aches, stubborn pain and muscular stiffness. It involves applying firm pressure to reach the deeper layers of  the affected muscle. It’s benefits include posture improvement, muscular pain relief and increase in muscle range of motion and overall function.

This treatment option is used to treat joint – specific injuries that cause pain and decreased range of motion. Gentle, pain-free joint mobilisations are performed to reduce joint pain and regain the natural movement patterns of the joint.

A key aspect to an Athletic Therapist’s role is to not only treat the injury at the time, but to also provide an individualised injury rehabilitation programme. This programme will encourage many benefits; such as speeding up recovery time, minimising risk of re-injury, strengthening and balancing musculature, and improving flexibility and co-ordination.

With EFR and CFR certifications, an Athletic Therapist may provide on-field assessment and emergency care. As well as preparing the athlete prior to a match or event, and ensuring optimal recovery following the match or event.

Highly recommend Shannon, been having issues with my shoulder and back for a long time after one session was sorted after years of issues with it, extremely professional with great information given why I was having these problems, will definitely be back soon
March 2020
Would definitely recommend Shannon and her service. Really friendly approach and will do a full check up before even doing any sort of work. Improved my injury immensely and kept tabs on to see how the recovery was going by rebooking me in for another session after my first. Conversations never stopped either which is always a sign of good customer service. Will undoubtedly visit again
February 2020

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